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Signal Tower S-1058, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam

Provided prime and structural consultation services, including construction documents and specifications, for various repairs and upgrades to the existing signal tower.  Design included replacement of existing stairs with new curved stairs, new egress stairs attached the elevator shaft, repair of corroded steel elements, and replacement of existing diagonal sway rods (due to insufficient capacity) with new high strength sway rods, AISC clevis and turnbuckles.

Schofield Barracks TEMF Facility

The TEMF facility consists of a large span metal building system use for the maintenance and repair of Army vehicles.   This building was so large it can nearly house and entire football field!  Some design challenges included the addition of a thirty five ton bridge crane supported on crane rails.  The facility also include multiple auxiliary building, drainage structures and site retaining walls.

Pier Inspection & Repair, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam

One award-winning project was located at NOAA Pacific Region Center Ship Operations Facility, Ford Island.  We performed structural investigation and prepared construction documents for the repair and renovation of Piers F9, F10, and a boat ramp.  This project also included the design of a new office/warehouse facility and supporting infrastructure.  

Schofield Barracks Quad B

The barracks buildings were originally constructed between 1914 and 1918 and consist of reinforced concrete with wood and steel roof framing.  These three barracks buildings have a total floor area of approximately 167,000 square feet. Seismic rehabilitation upgrades to the existing barracks buildings were designed in accordance with ASCE 41 standards and strengthening for increased loads.