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Anahulu Bridge

Performed inspection, retrofit analysis, and prepared repair and safety upgrade design for this famous bridge in Haleiwa, while preserving the original architectural and historical appearance.  Repairs completed minimized disruption to vehicular traffic while remaining open to pedestrian traffic and extended the service life of the bridge.

This project was presented with a Historic Renovation Award by the American Public Works Association, Hawaii Chapter.

Bridge Inspection

Many of our staff are NHI Certified Bridge Inspectors and provide these services regularly to agencies such as the State DOT, City & County of Honolulu, and the US Navy.  Whether they are large, wide freeway structures in Honolulu or old, remote bridges in Hana, Nagamine Okawa can perform the inspections and prepare the reports in the format required.  Our engineers performed the Initial Bridge Inspections for several sections of the H-3 Freeway and received an Award of Excellence for their efforts. 


Constructed in 2008.  This 2 story, 11,000 sf structure provided classrooms and administration offices for the elementary school.  Shallow foundations and CMU walls provided support for the structure at the first floor.  The second floor included prestressed concrete floor planks and wood walls.  The roof of the main structure is manufactured wood trusses.  The adjacent structures consisted of curved glu-laminated beams and wood decking.  This project also included a rain garden and exterior canopies for additional seating.

HECO Richards Building

Nagamine Okawa Engineers Inc. was retained by HECO as prime consultant to perform a structural assessment of office building at 900 Richards Street in downtown Honolulu.  The building was registered to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1978 and was originally built in the late 1920’s and additions were made in the late 1930’s.  NOEI provided opinions of the buildings service life and recommendations for structural upgrades that comply with governing building code requirements at the time of investigation. 

Ihi'ihilauakea Bridge

Ihi’ihilauakea Bridge is located along Kalanianaole Highway on the East side of O’ahu.  It is a reinforced concrete open spandrel arch bridge, built in 1931, and while not currently listed on the Historic Bridge Inventory, the bridge was deemed eligible for listing.  Therefore, standards for historic preservation were considered during the design.  

Kaiser Moanalua

  • Tower Addition and Renovations (Photo Shown)
  • Storage Shed Repairs
  • Physicians Office, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Renovations
  • Feasibility studies for installation of MRI and HVAC equipment

Kalanihuia & Pumehana

After a visual survey which noted cracks and spalls in several areas, concrete cores and paint samples were taken at random locations for testing.  The findings were compiled into a report along with recommendations for repair.  Nagamine Okawa then prepared plans and specifications for the repair of both buildings.

Kapolei Parkway Shop

This two-story, 24,000 square foot retail and office building is one of many projects by Nagamine Okawa Engineers in the development of West Oahu.  The Parkway Shops were completed in 2006 and are home to Starbucks, Jamba Juice and other retail businesses.  The foundation system consists of conventional spread footings, the floor and roof framing is constructed of open-web steel joist supported on structural steel wide-flange girders.  The approximate cost of construction is $5 million.  

Kona BMW

This design-assist project completed in 2008 consist of a 10,000 square foot service area and 7,000 square foot showroom area. The foundation system consists of conventional spread footings and the superstructure is constructed of a pre-engineered metal building.  This building features a wide-open storefront system to maximize views of the luxury automobiles displayed.

Pier Inspection & Repair, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam

One award-winning project was located at NOAA Pacific Region Center Ship Operations Facility, Ford Island.  We performed structural investigation and prepared construction documents for the repair and renovation of Piers F9, F10, and a boat ramp.  This project also included the design of a new office/warehouse facility and supporting infrastructure.  

Schofield Barracks Quad B

The barracks buildings were originally constructed between 1914 and 1918 and consist of reinforced concrete with wood and steel roof framing.  These three barracks buildings have a total floor area of approximately 167,000 square feet. Seismic rehabilitation upgrades to the existing barracks buildings were designed in accordance with ASCE 41 standards and strengthening for increased loads.

Sacred Hearts Student Center

This single-story, 10,000 square foot cafeteria building is one of a few projects by Nagamine Okawa Engineers Inc. on the campus of Sacred Hearts Academy.  Other projects include the Music & Multi-Purpose Building and Art School renovation. The foundation system consists of the Student Center is made of conventional spread footings.  Structural framing consists of a pre-engineered metal building and customized CMU walls, cold-formed steel and structural steel construction.  The approximate cost of construction is $9.5 million.  

Schofield Barracks TEMF Facility

The TEMF facility consists of a large span metal building system use for the maintenance and repair of Army vehicles.   This building was so large it can nearly house and entire football field!  Some design challenges included the addition of a thirty five ton bridge crane supported on crane rails.  The facility also include multiple auxiliary building, drainage structures and site retaining walls.

Signal Tower S-1058, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam

Provided prime and structural consultation services, including construction documents and specifications, for various repairs and upgrades to the existing signal tower.  Design included replacement of existing stairs with new curved stairs, new egress stairs attached the elevator shaft, repair of corroded steel elements, and replacement of existing diagonal sway rods (due to insufficient capacity) with new high strength sway rods, AISC clevis and turnbuckles.

State Capitol

The State Capitol Reflecting Pool is a shallow rectangular shaped pool approximately 15” deep.  The pool was built together with the State capitol building in 1965.  The pool is built over an underground parking garage and over portions of the Chamber level office spaces.  Repair recommendations and construction documents were provided for deteriorated areas observed.

TJMaxx Pearl City

Constructed in 2011 T.J. Maxx in Pearl City was designed with exterior reinforced concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls with a roofing system of glulam and parrallam beams supporting a panelized wood roof.  This new building was designed to allow for large retail spaces below with minimal interior structure.  The footings were stepped on the Makai side of the building to reduce surcharge to adjacent retaining walls allowing the owners to maximize the usable lot space.  

UH Gartley Hall

As part of the design team, Nagamine Okawa Engineers worked with the architect to structurally retrofit and renovate this historic structure for the current needs and requirements of the University of Hawaii.  The interior structure of the building was removed and the exterior walls were "underpinned" to mitigate settlement.  New concrete foundations including pile caps and grade beams supported by micropiles were installed to support the renovated building and prevent future settlement.   The interior of the building was then constructed out of structural steel with concrete floor slabs.

Umauma Bridge

Initially performed field investigations for emergency repair to severely corroded steel, then provided design for widening and strengthening of the bridge while satisfying historic preservation concerns.

Walgreens Wahiawa

This single story new structure was constructed using CMU walls and a structural roof system consisting of open web steel joist supported on structural steel beams and columns.  Wahiawa Walgreens included many design exterior canopies above windows, storefront entry glass wind support and entry façade parapets.   

Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort North

Provided structural construction documents for resort complex on Maui consisting of 258 guest rooms and a variety of supporting structures, including multi-level parking, health spa, and pool bar.