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State Capitol

The State Capitol Reflecting Pool is a shallow rectangular shaped pool approximately 15” deep.  The pool was built together with the State capitol building in 1965.  The pool is built over an underground parking garage and over portions of the Chamber level office spaces.  Repair recommendations and construction documents were provided for deteriorated areas observed.

Kalanihuia & Pumehana

After a visual survey which noted cracks and spalls in several areas, concrete cores and paint samples were taken at random locations for testing.  The findings were compiled into a report along with recommendations for repair.  Nagamine Okawa then prepared plans and specifications for the repair of both buildings.

HECO Richards Building

Nagamine Okawa Engineers Inc. was retained by HECO as prime consultant to perform a structural assessment of office building at 900 Richards Street in downtown Honolulu.  The building was registered to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1978 and was originally built in the late 1920’s and additions were made in the late 1930’s.  NOEI provided opinions of the buildings service life and recommendations for structural upgrades that comply with governing building code requirements at the time of investigation.